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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Summary and Response to Malcolm Gladwell's "Small Change: Why the Revolution will not be Tweeted"

   This article talked about how social media is not the same as in real life. For example, it claims that people will never really have a face-to-face interaction with all of their Facebook friends. The article said that in 1960, four Black college students started a protest that grew so big, and it all happened without the usage of the internet and phone texting. Malcolm Gladwell does not like the idea that people are sharing their every thought on Facebook, and he wonders if these kind of people are the best hope for us all. Well, I think his question should be answered by now.
    There were some concepts that I agreed with Gladwell's article, and there were some that I didn't agree with. I agree that people will not actually have face-to-face interaction with their Facebook friends because out of those 500-600 friends that people have, they probably only talk to 10-20 of them. I think that is just ridiculously amusing. I have a Facebook account myself, and I only add people that I know, or have some kind of connection with them. And its true, I don't even have face-to-face interaction with all of them!
However, I don't agree with Gladwell on the part where he mentioned that social media will never really start a revolution, and he was wrong because just recently, a revolution broke out in the Middle East, and it all happened through the internet through Twitter.

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  1. what revolution broke out in the middle east through twitter?